Terms and conditions

By providing your contact email in order to participate in the conference you agree that your contact details may be used by us to contact you to promote future 15 Years Conference related events. We will not provide your details to 3rd parties.

All images and recordings in this online conference and its promotion are copyright of the organising team. You’re welcome to communicate conference content including videos, questions, chat and other material including by linking to source material providing there is an acknowledgement to the 15 Years Conference.

We are aware of the need for good research. However, no participant may use participation in the online conference as an opportunity to collect data directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly on participants, or the event itself without the express permission of the organisers. In the event of unauthorised use of materials for research purposes we reserve the right to charge research access fee.

The 15 Years Conference is a multi-stakeholder event and we request that all participants are polite and courteous when posing questions or in chat. We reserve the right to exclude participants who do not respect others.